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"My son Matthew is being fitted for an appliance to help space his teeth. I am very pleased with the care he is receiving and feel the staff is very patient and kind to him and very good working with young children. I am very impressed with the courtesy of the staff and the professionalism of these great dental providers! Thanks so much!!"
— Diane

"Dr. Alkire is one of the best dentists I have seen in my navy career. He was clear and concise about my needs and went above and beyond to help me with all of my questions and concerns. I appreciate the service that was provided by him and his staff. Great experience."
— Dulay

"Dr. Alkire is really good! He always explains everything and asks for my opinion. He always makes me feel comfortable."
— Gianna

" Dr. Alkire and Libby are a great team, willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. So far, they have done everything they can to help my daughter and I. I'm looking forward to taking my daughter back to them."
— Naoko

"The appointment was for my daughter (8yrs) but we both were completely satisfied with the wonderful job that the dental clinic always do. Customer service was also wonderful."
— Emily

"Dr. Alkire and his staff are ALWAYS efficient and professional."
— Brandy

"I am more that completely happy with my dental appointments, the clinic is very professional in everything that they do."
— Jennifer

"Dr. Alkire made the most of the time during appointment. Obvious care for patient. Very flexible to work with patient on schedule to make sure treatment is done. "
— John

"The appointment was for my daughter to have her braces removed. I would like to thank the entire dental staff that assisted in one form or another for the tremendous care and professionalism that they displayed during each visit. The whole process from the start has been nothing short of outstanding."
— Larissa

"My son's orthodontist is excellent! He is very nice and was wonderful at taking the time to explain everything we needed to know necessary about my son’s new braces."
— Dianne

"Dr. Alkire and his staff are always nice. They are efficient and make my adjustments for my braces painless as possible."
— Steven

"Dr. Alkire and his staff have always been very good to me. They are very professional and explain everything they are doing. They are always nice and have a great smile when I come in. Today was a special day since I got my braces off. They made my special day more special. "
— Hardy

"Dr. Alkire, Libby, and Chantelle have shown over-the-top professionalism. They are always nice, energetic, and always have a smile. I feel like I'm their only patient. They are patient and explain everything that needs to be done and what they are doing. I finally got my braces off and I now I'm always smiling. I will miss Dr. Alkire, but will always remember him and his staff every time I smile.
— Brenda

"Dr. Alkire was very informative and helpful; he explained my dental treatment plan fully and really looked out for my best interest.
— Daniel

"Dr. Alkire really takes time to provide the best service to his patients. He is kind and courteous and even has a great sense of humor. His bedside manner is outstanding and I look forward to care with him in the future!
— Justine


"As a 57 year old adult I finally decided to do something about my smile.  Being in public relations for many years I have been constantly subconscious of how my teeth looked.  I firmly believed I waited too long to do anything about it.  At my wife's uging I made an appointment with Alkire Orthodontics.  Dr. Alkire and his staff assured me that I was not too old and they could make great improvements in the looks of my teeth.  I was not very otimistic of what could be done with the many challenges and the severity of my teeth.  I had a few missing teeth and one tooth was impacted in my gums.  It was a long process but through his guidance, great staff, and a few minor surgeries I have to say I am very pleased with the results so far.  I know he and his staff went above and beyond the norm to make sure I had a beautiful, repectable smile cosmetically during this whole transition.  Upon each visit I was always greeted with a genuine and warm welcome by the whole office.  I actually looked forward to each visit.  I can honestly say I have never had better care anywhere.  There is a very porfessional atmosphere with a warm family atmospheric touch within the whole staff.  I like walking into a business and being greeted with a smile and a "Hi Bobby".  Dr. Alkire has shown great patience in my treatments, explaining step by step from what's going on now to what's to be expected all along the way.  I would recommend his services to anyone with great confidence because you will be treated professionally and respectfully.  Thank you Dr. Alkire and staff."


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